The Code Season 2

6 x one hour Miniseries

Two Australians are murdered in West Papua, the only survivor being Jan Roth, the fugitive founder of a "dark web" site, who is being chased by both Australian and US authorities. At the same time a young boy is kidnapped in Australia by someone offering to sell him to paedophiles through the same site. The Australian Federal Police contacts the Banks brothers and informs them that the US authorities have demanded their extradition to the US for their previous actions, but if Jesse helps the police find the boy, the government will resist the extradition demands. Jesse agrees, but soon finds that the truth is very different.

Playmaker Media
Producers: David Maher, David Taylor, Shelley Birse
Writer: Shelley Birse
Cast: Ashley Zukerman, Dan Spielman, Adele Perovic, Anthony LaPaglia, Robyn Malcolm, Victoria Haralabidou, Michael Denka